More baby shower decorations and centerpiece ideas for your theme-based shower!

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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?


Cowboy Baby Shower Decorations

Brown should be the dominant color in your shower room. Anything leather and western-looking items are great. You could also play country music to add to your cowboy atmosphere.

Start with cut outs shaped like cowboy hats, rocking horse, and boots for your room hangings. If you still have vacant spaces, then cactus-shaped cardboards are great additions.

Movie posters and pictures of anything western should decorate your walls. If you have posters of your favorite country singers, pictures of horses, the desert, buffalos, and cowboys, then you will have no problem on what your wall hangings should be.

The baby banner could show a baby riding a cow, or if you don't find that cute, then a baby riding a rocking horse and wearing a big cowboy hat might be what you are looking for.

You have lots of options when it comes to your centerpiece. If you have cactus plants that will fit your table, then bring them out! If that didn't attract you a bit, and you just happen to have some horse figurines (tall ones, especially), then those will also be great! But if that's still not for you, then a cake shaped like a horse or a cowboy hat might be.

Though not exact in cowboy-themed, with its blue color, this diaper bouquet will make a great table centerpiece and the perfect gift for mother-to-be.

Your dining area is absolutely crying for a horse table. The neck will go on one side, while the tail will go on the other side. Just use a brown-colored tablecloth, and you're already done.

And lastly, your balloons should be white, and all over the room. And there you go, you just completed your cowboy shower decoration.


Detective Baby Shower Decorations

The color of the room where the celebration will be held should come in dark blue, gray and white.

You could start with the room hangings, wherein cardboard-shaped question marks and magnifying glass are hanging from the ceiling. They could be colored or coated with silver foils.

For your walls, if you have those framed jigsaw puzzles, then those are definitely a good wall hanging for this theme. Posters of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and other popular detective characters, will add more to the mystery ambiance. Crossword puzzle cut outs are also worth adding as part of your decor.

The baby banner should come in white, wherein some of the letters are left blank, as if the content of the message is part of a puzzle game.

For your centerpiece, you could use a jar or a bowl, and fill them with candies or any small baby items. Make sure that you know the number of items in there, since it will play a role in entertaining your Nancy Drews and Sherlocks. Since this jar or bowl will serve as a centerpiece, we need to add more pizzazz to it. “Planting” some balloons in them should do the trick.

In the dining area, you could cut out 2 pieces of square cardboards, the same size as the table width. Draw a question mark on one of them, and a magnifying glass on the other. One cardboard should be tacked on one end of the table, while the other is on the opposite end.

For balloons, just get some white and dark blue balloons. Then, get some colored, glittered-glue so as to draw question marks (big and small ones) in the balloons. Now you're all set for your AMAZING Detective shower!


Diaper Baby Shower Decorations

It's not really surprising but of course, diapers should be all around your shower room. Hanging from a clothesline, worn by babies in all shapes and sizes, decorating your walls, and the like. Toilet paper can be used to decorate your ceiling, you can even make confetti out of a roll or two if you need some. Add more to your room decor by scattering any baby items here and there, since anything baby-related are fitting additions on diaper baby showers.

Diaper cakes make wonderful centerpiece and they're perfect when you're throwing a diaper baby shower. The cool thing is, whether you make it or buy one from the net, a diaper cake will make a wonderful gift for mom-to-be after the party.

Another option is to use empty baby powder bottles as a vase or container for some flowers. They will make a refreshing table decoration if we may say so.

If you want something that can double up as something else, you can find some transparent containers and fill them with safety pins. It will work as a fitting diaper shower centerpiece, and you can even use it for a shower game by challenging your guests to make their best guess on how many safety pins are in there.

And before you end your decoration preparation, be sure to order some white balloons since they're very pristine and will be just the right touch for your diaper baby shower.


Dr Seuss Baby Shower Decorations

You can find our Dr Seuss baby shower decoration ideas and printables here.


Duck Baby Shower Decorations

You should go absolutely ducky with your baby shower decoration, and you could do this by having yellow almost everywhere.

Your ceiling should be full of duck cartoon characters, pictures of rubber ducky, and the like. Water posters are also great for your walls and ceilings.

The baby banner should come in yellow or in white, but with lots of duck pictures on it. A baby having a bath and enjoying his/her rubber ducky is also a great addition.

We love the idea of a fish bowl centerpiece - instead of fish, it will contain a rubber ducky and some flowers floating on the side. Simple, yet very ducky indeed!

Make this Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake the star of your table, and with these amazing baby items, it also make a great gift for mom-to-be.

In the dining area, decorate your table to look like a duck. This could easily be done by placing a beak on one side, and a duck's tail on the other side. A yellow tablecloth will complete that picture.

Finish your decoration by having yellow balloons (or other-colored balloons, but with a duck drawing on each). Just spread those balloons across the room, and whew, you're all done!


Easter Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating for an Easter shower is almost similar to decorating for other types of Easter party. It still means using Easter colors (red, white, green, purple, yellow, black, orange and pink) with the only difference that lots of babies in all sorts of poses will be part of your decoration. Babies wearing bunny ears, holding a carrot, inside an egg are just few of the pose examples. You can also go beyond babies and just have lots of cute bunny stuff toys with some cute chicks and ducks added here and there. Tons of (plastic) eggs in all Easter colors and sizes – inside a basket or a nest, are also expected additions.

For your centerpiece, we think that egg-shaped candies in a pretty and transparent container should be easy to prepare. But if you want to be more creative, how about a nest or a basket full of colorful (plastic) eggs and baby articles? If you want to be more creative still, we love the idea of tulips in a wine bottle, with a cute bunny stuff toy attached. Make that a cute bunny wearing a diaper and you have one extra-special centerpiece right there.

Duck and Easter go well together and we found this duck diaper cake that will work really well with all the other things you have prepared so far.


For balloons, there are some balloons made especially for Easter parties that you might want to look at. However, going for ordinary balloons in different Easter colors is a good enough alternative.


Fairy Baby Shower Decorations

Delicate hues should surround the room where you plan to hold your baby shower.

Then, you could start with pictures of flying boys (from Peter Pan), fairies, magic wands, and butterflies for your room hangings. Since fairies are so fond of disguising themselves, you might also want to add pictures of an old woman turning into a beautiful lady as part of your decoration.

Posters of movies with fairies and picture of actual fairies, should decorate your walls. Wallpapers of your favorite fairy tales are also most welcome.

Your baby banner is delicately shaded, again with pictures of fairies and butterflies hovering above a bassinet.

If you have lava lamps, those will really work as your centerpiece. Or you could use ordinary lamps, place some fairy-shaped cardboards inside the lamp, so that shadows of fairies are seen from the outside. That will also work fine.

Though not exactly of fairy design, we think that with its green color, this diaper cake will work well with the other things you have prepared so far.

In your dining area, you must use flowery tablecloths. Or if you find that too passé, then you could decorate any plain tablecloths you have, with fairies in all sorts of poses.

Complete your decoration by having balloons, still in light hues, all over the room. That concludes your fairy baby shower decoration.


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Feet Baby Shower Decorations

The room should be dominated by baby blue and pink colors, depending on the gender of the baby.

Room hangings should include footprints (out of cardboards), socks, and shoes, all hanging from the ceiling. You have the option whether to hang real socks and shoes, or just their cardboard versions.

For wall hangings, you could hang pictures that show feet activities. Poster of football games and other similar sports seems like a good start. Or you could veer away from sports and just hang pictures of ballerinas dancing on their toes, if you want something more feminine.

The baby banner should come in either baby pink or blue, and should have foot prints painted on it. If your banner is hanging from a string, then you could also hang some socks, in clothesline fashion. That should indeed add more baby shower feel to your banner.

For your centerpiece, you could form a pair of feet using dough, and just "plant" some flowers or balloons on it, and voila, you now have an instant centerpiece.

Having a girl? This baby diaper bouquet will really make a great table centerpiece.

In the dining area, your tablecloth should also contain foot prints, right there in the flowing side of the cloth. Depending on the tablecloth you are using, you could either paint those footprints, or just tack some footprints made of cardboard. Either way will communicate what your theme is all about.

For balloons, just get some baby pink or blue balloons, and draw more footprints on each. Now that should complete your baby feet shower decoration!


Frog Baby Shower Decorations

Your shower room should be dominated by greens and browns.

Your ceiling should be full of frogs, frogs, and more frogs. To provide variation, we suggest that you vary their poses and level of greenness. You could also have more frog wall hangings, although having water-related pictures will also be amazing.

The baby banner should still contain pictures of frogs. It could show a picture of a happy baby taking a bath, surrounded by frogs. Or it could just show a baby sitting on a big leaf, in a frog-like pose.

Your centerpiece is still very froggy. If you have a vacant fish bowl, you could fill it with water, put a big leaf, and sit a rubber frog on top of it. To add more pizzazz, you could also add flower petals in the water. If you think that's too much effort, and you just happen to have a leaf-shaped ashtray or centerpiece, then that will also do.

This diaper cake, with its green floral design, makes it a fitting table centerpiece for your frog-themed shower.

You could just place a big leaf on your dinning table, or decorate your tablecloth by placing small leaves on the side. Leaf-shaped, leafy, or flowery placemats will also be great additions. You could stop at that, or go another level by serving your dishes using Ti leaves. Your creativity rating just went up a notch if you did the latter.

And lastly, you should get green and brown balloons. If you're up to it, you could also draw some frogs on each. Once everything's in place, then we say you're one step nearer to throwing an amazing baby shower!


Girl Baby Shower Decorations

You can find our general girl baby shower decorations and printables here.


Halloween Baby Shower Decorations

Black and orange are the typical colors for any Halloween party and it will not be any different on your Halloween baby shower.

But since this is still a baby shower albeit in Halloween theme, going for the cute variety instead of the gory side of Halloween is the way to go. So this means decorating your rooms with cute and pregnant mummies, babies in their Halloween costume - looking like a cute Dracula, pretty witch, or a cool mummy, are more appropriate than say scary-looking ghosts and bloody vampires.

Cute pumpkins, babies riding on broomsticks, a baby inside a cauldron, Casper in many poses, and a clothesline of candies are also worthy additions for your Halloween shower decoration.

If you have posters of "horror" yet friendly-looking movies (eg. Corpse bride), those are definitely welcome to decorate your walls.

For your centerpiece, we think that a vase full of candies in all shapes and sizes is a cool centerpiece idea. If you want to ask your guests to guess the number of candies inside your jar, you will have an instant party game right there as well.

If you love candy corns, then placing them in margarita glasses will be another variation of the previous candy table decoration idea and is worth considering.

But if you want to go beyond candies, then a pumpkin candle holder might be more to your taste. The idea here is to remove the stem and enough part of the pumpkin so you can sit the candle there securely. Just add some flowers and such to cover imperfections, if any.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose to get some black, orange and/or white balloons to surround your party room. That should complement all the other decorations you have prepared so far.


Jungle Baby Shower Decorations

You can find our jungle baby shower decorations and printables here.


Ladybug Baby Shower Decorations

You can find our ladybug baby shower decorations and printables here.


Long Distance Baby Shower Decorations

For long distance baby showers, video ones at that, decorating with stuff that can double up as a gift for mom-to-be after the party is a good idea. So a clothesline containing baby socks, bibs, mittens, pacifiers and other baby items are very welcome.

Baby toys like stuff toys can also make an appearance on your shower.

Pictures of cute babies should also decorate your shower room. A collage of mom-to-be's photos will be a nice decoration and will double up as a nice memento since it can be sent to mom-to-be after the party. Since we're pretty sure the new mommy is dying to get messages from her friends, be sure to place some papers or boards that each guests can use to write some greetings or advice for mom-to-be. They will be a nice addition to all the gifts that you will be shipping to the new mommy after the party.

For your centerpiece, a diaper cake is a good idea. It can come in your chosen theme and with all the baby items inside it, will make a perfect gift for the new mommy!

This will make a great long distance shower centerpiece and will be a cool gift to the soon-to-be mommy after the party!


Be sure to order some balloons for the party, since what's a party without balloons, even if it's a long distance one?


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