Wall hangings, centerpieces, and a lot more. Baby shower decoration ideas tailored to your chosen theme!

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ABC Baby Shower Decoration

The room where the shower will be held should be surrounded with different colors and letters hangings all over the place. Some should come in small letters, some in big letters, and of course in different colors, to make things wonderful and colorful!

If you have posters or wall hangings similar to those usually found in schools (Letter A with a picture of an apple, Letter B with a picture of a butterfly, and so on), now's a good time to bring them out and hang them all over the place.

The baby banner should come with ABCs, ABCs and more ABCs. Make sure that what you have are colorful ABCs, since there's nothing like a wonderful set of colors to liven up a party

For your centerpiece, bring out some stuff toys, wherein a letter of the alphabet is either being “held” by the toy, or hanging around its neck. You could use some boxes or baskets so as to "group" your stuff toys. That should make a nice centerpiece,if we may so.

Take a look at this owl diaper bouquet, which we think will be a great addition to any ABC shower.

In the dining area, cut out some alphabet and hang them in clothesline fashion. You could use these to decorate the edges of your table.

If you have those ABC puzzle mats stored somewhere in your house, now’s the time to find them and take them out.

And to wrap everything up, your balloons should definitely have big letters or a series of small letters printed on each. Now, you're all set for an AMAZING ABC baby shower!


Adoption Baby Shower Decoration

Stork with babies should be all around your shower room. Babies with parachutes in all positions should also be scattered around the place.

Gift boxes containing baby items and a baby or two will also be great additions. Place them on key locations so they will be very visible and obvious during your shower.

Since we want this shower to be about the new baby as well, be sure to add some elements that pertains to the baby's roots. This can be Chinese takeout boxes, chopsticks and the like if the baby is of Asian descent, some sombreros here and there if baby is Mexican, and so on.

For your centerpiece, we feel that nothing will beat having a photo of the new parents with their new baby as your main table decoration. If you find this idea lacking in pizzazz, have this done in caricature or painting to make it more interesting.

Again, you can tap on baby's heritage so as to come up with other centerpiece ideas. A bowl full of fortune cookies will be a very Asian and edible centerpiece. Another idea is to line up Asian spoons on porcelain plates. This is quite pretty and will display the baby's Asian descent as well.

Lastly, pastries decorated to look like a gift box can be a really colorful centerpiece and is definitely worth considering.

As usual, we say that balloons are a MUST on any party and is a MUST HAVE on your adoption baby shower so be sure to get some!


Alice Baby Shower Decoration

Red should be one of the dominant colors in the room where your Alice in Showerland will be held. Why red? Well, aside from the fact that one of the memorable scenes from the movie shows the queen of hearts and her guards all in their red glory, we think it is just right to have red all over the place, just in case you feel like singing "We're painting the roses red".

Cards, especially hearts and diamonds, should be spread out all over the room, from wall hangings to your ceiling, and the like. The Cheshire cat, with its ever popular grin, should definitely be part of your decoration. Tea pots and cups should also make their appearance.

The baby banner should include the word “Showerland”. Don't forget to include the cheshire cat (or its grin, its tail, and other parts of it)!

For your centerpiece, we suggest getting your tea pot and cups set, all in a tray. Instead of tea, we suggest that you place some of those wonderful cookies with Eat Me, Try Me, or Take One icingd in them. These should be placed inside the tea pot and cups. If you will be serving drinks in bottles or in can, make sure that you place them in the middle of your table, with a note saying Drink Me on its neck. That should complete your Alice in Showerland centerpiece.

In the dining area, place some cardboards cut out in tea pot and cup shapes, and just stick them on the side of your table (yes, we mean on the side, right there in your tablecloth).

And to wrap everything up, draw hearts, clovers, spades and diamonds in your balloons. You could also draw some parts of the Cheshire cat, if you are feeling up to it! Now you're all set for an AMAZING Alice in Showerland!


Angels Baby Shower Decoration

The room where the shower will be held should be surrounded with white and gold, as if the room itself is located up there. A shade of sky blue will definitely be a nice touch!

Room hangings should just be composed of clouds, as if they are hanging from the sky. Angels (or angel wings) should appear on your wall, while some will be hanging on your ceiling. Pictures of cute babies, cherub-like babies, will garner your guests' oohs and ahhs, and hence, are definite must-haves!

The baby banner should come in white and gold, with small angels singing and dancing, as if to celebrate the future arrival of the baby.

For your centerpiece, if you still have those angel figurines kept somewhere, you definitely want to bring them out, since they will make you a nice angelic centerpiece.

A diaper cake is just the perfect gift for mom-to-be and will also make a great centerpiece. Check out this Angel Diaper Cake, which might be just the thing you're looking for.

In the dining area, decorate the sides of your table with wings and halos. Just cut some cardboards in wings and halo shapes, and wrap them in gold or silver.

For balloons, just have everything in white, gold, and sky blue. Now you're all set for your AMAZING Angels baby shower!


Arabian Nights Baby Shower Decoration

Shades of violet, orange, and gold are MUST-haves when decorating for your Arabian Nights baby shower. The room should also be decorated with sheer and lacy materials, carpeted, and with pillows everywhere. A harem-like atmosphere, that's what you're aiming for.

Pictures of magic carpets, lamps and a genie or two are hanging from the ceiling. Posters of movies of Arabian Nights, Lawrence of Arabia, Aladdin, and the like are decorating your walls. Posters of an Arabian Princess, a Sheik, camels, and group doing belly dancing, are also most welcome.

The banner shows a baby riding a magic carpet and having a very good time. Or it could also show a friendly genie trying to make a baby sleep. Either is great and will complement the rest of your decors.

Your centerpiece could be a small chest, containing gold chocolate coins, jelly beans, and other silvery and colorful snacks. If you have one, you could also replace the chest with something that will pass for a magic lamp, since that is definitely better than the former.

We think this will be work as your Arabian Nights baby shower centerpiece, so be sure to check it out.


You could decorate your table to look like a magic lamp. The table serves as the body of the lamp, while the "nose" is on one side, while the handle is on the other side. A tablecloth in gold or yellow will complete that picture.

You could stop there, since there's no doubt that you are having an Arabian Nights shower. But if you can't throw a party without balloons, then just add violet and white balloons around the area, and you just upped your shower to the next level.





Around The Clock Baby Shower Decoration

For an Around The Clock shower, TIME is the essence. Anything related to time will be a great addition to your shower decoration. Different types of time pieces - cuckoo clocks, grandfather clock, alarm clock, wrist watch, etc are just the tip of the iceberg. Time here can be related to the four different seasons, different time of the day (breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner), special occasions (BBQ time, Beach time, Dating time...), or to personalize it, the noteworthy times in mom or dad to be's life. Photos of the couple's life milestones will be fantastic for any baby shower!

If you still want a different idea, how about making your decoration about the country from different time zones? That will suit your chosen theme as well.

We love candles in our centerpiece, and luckily, there are many special shaped candles that will just be perfect. Flowers and fruits for spring, sun, sand and anything related to the beach for summer, fallen leaves for autumn and a snowflake or snowman candle for winter.

Photos of the new mom and dad is also a great centerpiece idea. You can ask mom-to-be to choose a photo that represents a favorite time of her life and make that the center of each table.

Diaper cakes are wonderful, and this one will do very well for anyone throwing an Around The Clock shower.

Having a boy? This diaper cake also comes in blue.

Complete your party with balloons which comes in shapes or colors that represents Father TIME, and you're all set!


Beach Baby Shower Decoration

The cool thing about this theme and having it along the beach is that you have instant decoration and ambiance right there!

Having your guests in the right attire will also accentuate the beach feel you're aiming for, so get them to wear their sunglasses, sombreros, shorts, swim suit, and the like.

A bowl with sand and assorted shells will make you a pretty centerpiece. If that doesn't please you, a glass full of shells might just do the trick. Or better yet, just fill a classy vase full of colorful flowers and you're all set.

It may not come with beach pail and shovels but it still contains some neat baby stuff that mom-to-be will surely appreciate!

Complete the beach ambiance by getting some special-shaped balloons. Anything that comes in palm tree shape, beach ball, or flamingo is just perfect!


Book Baby Shower Decoration

Before you prepare anything, ask the mom-to-be about her favorite genre, since knowing that will affect your party a lot, especially on the decorations part.

So if she absolutely loves sci-fi, then be sure to have lots of silvers, dark blues, golds and similar hues. Robots in all shapes and sizes, space ship cut-outs in gold and silver foils, some glow in the dark items are what you want to dominate your party room. Posters and pictures of popular book covers and even movies with said theme (Star Wars and Star Trek, just to name a few) should be quite abundant.

If she prefers historical romance, then you might want to decorate your party room to look like a ballroom from long time ago – grand-looking chandeliers, big oriental vases, carpets, Queen Anne sofa chairs, paintings on your walls are very welcome. Adding pictures of typical historical romance book covers with the hero and heroine in some sexy pose are quite expected.

And so on.

But whatever genre you choose, your party room should be surrounded with tons of books and different paraphernalia that are used for writing those wonderful books.

For your centerpiece, we think that a pile of books decorated with a ribbon is a straightforward centerpiece. If you didn’t love that, then an elegant looking quill and pot should also do the trick. If you want something more specific to your chosen genre, then this can be something like a lava lamp if you’re going for sci-fi or maybe a romantic pose ala historical romance of the mom and dad-to-be if you’re opting for the romance genre.

With that cute owl decorating this diaper bouquet, we think it is the right table decoration for book baby showers, not to mention a great gift for the new mommy.

For balloons, we suggest going for something that will fit your chosen genre. This can be star-shaped or something in silver or dark blue if you’re having a sci-fi book party or heart-shaped or in red or pink if you’re opting for the historical romance genre. Either ideas will be wonderful additions to what you have prepared so far.


Boy Baby Shower Decoration

You can find our general boy baby shower decorations and printables here.


Christian Baby Shower Decoration

The room where the shower will be held should be surrounded with white and gold, as if the room itself is located up there. A shade of sky blue will definitely be a nice touch!

Surrounding the room with different symbols found in the bible will be a good start. Whether it is to decorate your walls or ceiling, doves, lamb, rainbow, stars, etc will add to the atmosphere you're aiming for. Angels (or angel wings) should appear on your wall, while some will be hanging on your ceiling. Pictures of cute babies, cherub-like babies, will garner your guests' oohs and ahhs, and hence, are definite must-haves!

The baby banner should come in white and gold, with small angels singing and dancing, as if to celebrate the future arrival of the baby.

For your centerpiece, if you still have those angel figurines kept somewhere, you definitely want to bring them out, since they will make you a nice angelic centerpiece. Candles in those antique-looking candlesticks will also be a good choice. Displaying some white calla lily on a white or see-through vase is also worth considering.

And if you, like us, love the idea of edible centerpieces, then displaying cupcakes with white icing on top on a cake stand of some sort might just be what you want.

Getting a diaper cake is such a great idea! It will be a cool centerpiece and will also make a great gift for mom-to-be after the party!

Though not exactly something you place out there as decoration, the right sound will add a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for so be sure to play some of your favorite Christian music during the party.

To wrap up your decoration, you can just choose white balloons to surround your party room. That should give your Christian shower a nice touch if we may say so.


Christmas Baby Shower Decoration

The color that should stand out on your shower room should be green and red. Some gold and silver will definitely not be amiss.

Your typical Christmas decors, from lanterns, mistletoes, Christmas lights and of course, Christmas tree, will still be very fitting decorations for anybody throwing a Christmas baby shower. The presence of Baby Jesus, baby angels and different baby items (eg. Pacifiers hanging from your tree) will give sufficient baby elements to this special Christmas celebration.

You can also hang some baby socks in clothesline fashion. Place some candies inside to make it bulge as if it contains some gift.

For your centerpiece, you can go for a candle centerpiece (there are many special-shaped ones in the market) or just procure those big candles and just decorate each with some wreaths. Another idea is to wrap some boxes with those colorful gift wraps and set them as your table decoration. Either ideas will be great table decors.

There are lots of balloons with special Christmas designs (Santa and Snowman seems pretty popular), but if you prefer to have ordinary looking ones, some green, white and red ones will also do the trick.


Couples Baby Shower Decoration

You can find our couple baby shower decoration ideas and printables here.


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