With these centerpiece and baby shower decoration ideas, throwing a great baby shower is just a few steps away.

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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?


Shrek Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Green and brown should be the dominant colors in your shower room. Presence of branches, vines, body of water (whether a picture or the real thing), will help you recreate Shrek's swamp.

Babies and frogs should be all around. Green babies, some which comes with ogre's ears, will really add to your Shrek atmosphere.

Posters showing trees and swamps will be great additions as well.

The baby banner should show a green baby swimming in a swamp. The presence of one or two frogs in the picture will not be amiss.

For your centerpiece, you can use some floating candles shaped like water lily, a lily pad, or a frog in a fish bowl.

You can also fill some pretty looking glass or jar with green candies and make that your centerpiece.

And if you plan to have a chocolate fountain in your shower (aka mud fountain), be sure to prepare some green marshmallows, and that plus your fountain can be the center of your main table.

It comes with the right color and will make a perfect table decoration for your Shrek shower.

For balloons, you can opt to get plain green ones or those which comes with some special Shrek prints, which are available from many party stores in the Internet.

Spa Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

If you are having this in a salon, then your decoration problems are over. But if you're having this on someone else's house, no worries, since you can still use your favorite spa place as basis on how you are to do your spa shower decoration.

Having the right colors is very important, since you want a relaxing atmosphere, and an abundance of red or orange will not do that trick. We think the right shade of green will do just that, and some browns here and there won't hurt either.

Towels and robes are definitely welcome in any spa shower, and so are your foot massage kits, comfortable chairs, and other materials that you will need in your shower activities.

Flowers and plants are definitely welcome on any spa baby shower. And for your centerpiece, there's nothing like floating candles with rose petals in a fish bowl with river stones and water to serve as a fitting centerpiece.

This green and flowery diaper cake will make a wonderful addition to your spa shower, and will also make a cool gift for the new mom after the party.


Though not exactly something you place out there as decoration, the right smell and sound will add a lot to the atmosphere you're aiming for. Nature sounds from tweeting birds to rippling brook will satisfy your need for the right sound, while the smell of fresh flowers and scented candles will help everybody feel refreshed and maybe relaxed, which is a very important ingredient to make this shower theme a successful one!


Sports Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

To start with, you could decorate your shower room with different Sports icons, from Jordan, Schumacher, just to name a few. Having some basketball hoops, a baseball bat, or an umpire mask hanging around the room will definitely be cool!

Since this is a baby shower, we want babies in the picture as well - a baby wearing a baseball hat, hanging from the hoops, wearing a jersey, and so on.

Having the right color can greatly affect the ambiance you're aiming for. Blue is surely a most likely candidate, since this baby shower theme is usually chosen if mommy is having a boy. However, pink will not be that odd, especially if the new mommy will soon have a sporty baby girl.

We absolutely love candles, because they come in all shapes and sizes, and guess what, there are baseball candles, bowling pin ones, and so on. So if you have a vacant fish bowl lying around, just fill it with water, float these sporty candles, and voila, you have a pretty and sporty centerpiece. Edible centerpieces are becoming quite the thing, so cupcakes that comes with special sports design arrange in a cake stand will also be a sporty centerpiece option.

Check out this cool centerpiece idea! And the great thing is, it comes with the right sporty design, perfect for your sports-themed baby shower!

Balloons also come in all shapes and you can find tons of sporty shaped ones from any party store. Get those to complete your sporty shower decoration!


Tea Party Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Green and brown should be the colours that will strike your guests when they enter the room where your shower party will be held. Since there are many shades of green, setting the right atmosphere should not be a difficult task.

Hanging from the ceiling are papers folded like tea bags, cardboards in the shape of tea pots, cups, kettle, plates, spoon and fork. Those should do the trick, if we may say so.

As for your walls, posters showing people having a good time in a similar party will definitely help remind everybody that they are there to have fun, and do their best to participate on the different activities and to mingle with the other guests.

The baby banner should show a baby sitting in a tea pot or cup, and having an absolutely good time. Including a picture of a smoking and "dancing" tea pot is not a bad touch.

For your centerpiece, you have a choice between a tasty centerpiece and a decorative one. If you want to go for the tasty one, then just have a cake, scones and other pastries displayed in a cake stand of some sort. For the decorative one, just setup a tea pot and cups in a tray, and there you go, that's your centerpiece.

We don't know about you, but we think this diaper cake will make a good centerpiece for your tea baby shower.

Decorate your table by having something like a tea pot table. All you have to do is place the pot handle (made of cardboard) on one end of the table, and the "nose" of the tea pot on the other end. Instant tea pot table!

To add more to the tea party feel, bring out your best china set and silverware to be used in serving whatever delicious fare you prepared for your guests.

For balloons, just get green and brown ones, and you're now all set for your best tea party yet!


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Thanksgiving Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The color that should stand out in the party area should be yellow-orange (pumpkin color). Some cranberry red and green will not be out of place as well. If you have curtains, tablecloths, and other articles that give the least hint of these shades, now is the time to bring them out.

Your room hangings should include a pumpkin or two made of styro or plastic. Some baby articles like pacifier, rubber duckies and feeding bottles (either "wearing" an indian headdress or comes in what we call pumpkin color) should also be evident.

If you have posters or any wall hangings that show a thanksgiving celebration, those will definitely be a great addition. Homemade photos of this sort is much better.

The baby banner should have a baby riding a turkey or something like that. A baby wearing a typical Native American Indian headdress is another option.

For your centerpiece, you have lots of choices. One option is to make a pumpkin with a candle on top as your centerpiece. The idea is to remove the stem and enough part of the pumpkin so you can sit the candle there securely. Just add some flowers and such to cover imperfections, if any.

Another cool idea is to just use some floating candles, shaped like one of the more popular thanksgiving symbols, floating in a bowl half-full of water. Adding some leaves in the bowl will be a nice touch.

And lastly, edible centerpieces are becoming quite the thing. How about some pumpkin pies arranged on a cake stand of some sort? Another idea is to use some of your nicer-looking wine glasses and filling them with candy corns. Three of these wine glasses per table should do the trick.

With its pinkish-orange shade, this will compliment any Thanksgiving decorations you have, and will make a wonderful gift for mom-to-be after the party.

For balloons, yellow and orange balloons, even plain ones, will do a lot to your thanksgiving celebration decoration. Definitely worth getting!


Twin Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Twin babies, a pair of rubber duckies, baby items that come in twos and the like should be all around your shower room. A clothesline containing baby items that always come in pair (baby socks, mittens, shoes are just the tip of the iceberg) will be really fitting.

If you're throwing a Noah's Ark twin baby shower, cute animal stuff toys that come in pairs will be great additions. Other Noah's Ark elements like a rainbow, the famous ark, and other decorations that come in Noah's Ark design should surround the place where your shower activities will be held.

Items that are perfect together (salt and pepper shaker, baby booties, etc) can be one approach to your centerpiece. Another approach is to place a couple of something together, it can be two cupcakes or two rubber duckies floating in an aquarium-like bowl. Either one will work well since they're cute, babyish, and very twinnish. If you don't like those ideas, you can just get table decors that come in peas in a pod design and use it as your centerpiece.

If you are a great fan of diaper cakes, then you can either create or buy one in Noah's Ark theme. With its theme-based design and the baby items inside, it will be a great hit with mom-to-be.

Your shower won't be complete without some pretty balloons. You can either go for special-shaped ones that come in different animal shapes or just get some balloons with special animal prints. Those will be perfect for twin showers with Noah's Ark theme. Not a fan of Noah's Ark? Then just get some balloons in mom-to-be's favorite colors, tie each balloon to another, and you have the perfect balloons for any twin showers.


Valentine Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

No surprises here, but red and pink are the colors that should dominate on your Valentine baby shower. Cut outs of hearts in all shapes and sizes should be scattered around the shower room, decorating the walls, hanging in clothesline fashion, on your baby banner, and the like.

Cupid should also make an appearance, but of course, we want baby cupids instead of grownup ones. Pictures of couples in love or having a good time together, romantic poems and letters, romance novels, etc will not be out of place on any Valentine celebration, which will include your Valentine shower.

A bunch of flowers is the typical centerpiece for valentine showers. Stuff toys arranged in a basket or something similar is another option.

But if you, like many other shower throwers, prefer something edible as your centerpiece, then Hersheys Kisses arranged like a bunch of flowers (see Hershey's craft page) will make you a pretty centerpiece.

Fruits that come in Valentine color (red or pink) will also be a good centerpiece option. Apples (or strawberries, if you can get them) can be arranged on some grand looking bowls to make an elegant and very red centerpiece.

And before you end your decoration preparation, be sure to order either heart-shaped balloons or plain ones which comes in red and white. Either balloon ideas will work great with your other Valentine baby shower decorations.


Zebra Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Our baby shower decoration ideas plus free decoration printables for zebra themed showers are on this page, so make sure you check them out.


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