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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Girls


Baby pink and white should be the primary colors  that will dominate your party room. From your baby banner to your balloons, everything should have a dash of pink.

That should already give you a general approach to your shower, so it’s now time to go to the details, which we will start with your shower entrance.

We love arcs, one that involves balloons in particular. We think that giant baby blocks with lots of white and pink can be your “pillars” and you can have pink balloons, white balloons, or a combination of said colors to make the arc from your left “pillar” to your right. Another approach to this baby block pillar idea is to make it spell GIRL instead of just the default ABC blocks.

If your location doesn’t have the space to create the above entrance, we think adding a clothesline of some sort near the main door that your guests will go through before they reach your shower room is something you can consider. It can contain baby socks, booties, bib and other baby cloths, and they should come in pink and white, of course.

Inside your shower room, there should be tons of pink and white, from your curtain, carpet, throw pillows, and so on. You can also have another clothesline here, which can contain similar cloths as the previous clothesline idea, or it can contain the letters related to your baby banner.

Your table decoration can be a set of baby blocks, a baby bottle full of colorful candies, or if you’re up to it, how about an aquarium, with pink beads and a “swimming” yellow ducky? Another centerpiece option is to have some nice pink roses inside a used wine bottle, and just attached a bear on it. You can go for a bear wearing a pink and white bib, but if you can find one, a ballerina bear is also something you can consider.

A baby carriage positioned strategically can also be added on your shower decorations, and so is a white and/or pink umbrella, also strategically placed in your shower room. Those will definitely add to the babyish and feminine feel, which is of course a MUST on any girl baby shower.

Depending on how big your event is, you might want to place some guest table number to let your guests know where they should go. We think one that is written in a pink paper or card is the way to go.

And last but not the least, you definitely need some balloons for your event. Although there are some which comes on one of those special baby shape, we think your other decorations are already sufficient, so getting plain white and pink ones will already work.

NOTE: More modern baby showers love the pink and brown combination for girl showers, so if you belong to this group, just change the colors in the above tips, since majority of these are still the way to go, despite the slight change in hues.


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FREE Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Girls


Are you planning a baby shower for mom to be? Is she having a girl? Then you are on the right page, since you can find tons of baby shower decoration ideas for girls on this page.

We have some printable baby banners (designed with baby girls in mind, of course), and some other items that can aid your shower decorations. This is where you can get the rest of our baby shower decoration ideas for girls.


Yes, this one is similar in terms of design to the previous one, but it says Its A Girl instead of just plain Baby Shower.

If you love it, then get this baby shower decoration ideas for girls!


Looking for nice baby shower decoration ideas for girls to complement all your other baby shower preparations?

This might not come in the classic pink and white colors, but more and more mommies who prefer the more modern approach loves these hues for their baby girls as well. If you are of the same mind, check out the rest of our brown and pink baby shower decorations.



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