You can find Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For a Boy on this page. They come in Blue, Brown and White, which should complement all your other preparations


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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For A Boy


We have prepared some baby shower decoration ideas for a boy, so if mom to be is having one, then you are on the right page! Please take note that this is just one of our many printable decoration designed for boys. If you want to see the rest, you can check the lot here.

We’re pretty sure you will have other ideas for your decoration that will not come from this page, and that is expected, in fact we encourage that, since you know the mom to be and your guests better, so you will know what will suit your event best. But if you are looking for additional decorations for your boy baby shower, then that is where the printables on this page will come in, since we have decoration ideas that can be part of your baby shower banner, ceiling decoration, wall decorations and so on. We made them to be pretty versatile, and depending on your creative juices, you can definitely extend the use of these printables beyond the ideas we have shared on this page.

So why wait? Check out our baby shower decoration ideas for a boy since they are free and are just a few clicks away!


This baby shower banner is a combination of blue, white and brown colors, which we think will fit right in with your other boy themed baby shower decorations.

A preview of our baby banner is shown on the left, so if you have something else in mind, make sure you check out our baby shower decoration ideas main page to see your other banner options.

How to use our baby shower decoration ideas for a boy:

Our baby banner comes in PDF format, so make sure you have your PDF reader handy before anything else. We also suggest that you do a right click so that you can download our banner and make it available to you locally.

The first step is to open the PDF file, and then print the content on a cardboard-like paper that you want your baby banner to appear on. The next step is to bring out your cutting materials since this step is all about cutting each banner piece.

By this time, you should already have an idea on how will your banner look like. You can choose to just cut two holes opposite each other and string them together. Another option is instead of punching holes, why not just attach everything on a clothesline-like string and use some clothespins to attach them on your "clothesline"? Those are just some ideas on how you can do your banner, but if you have other ideas that will work better, then feel free to do it your way!



Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Baby Feet Blue Shower Supplies


Blue Circles Printable Partyware







You can find our small square and circle printables here, which comes in two designs each, all will fit in with your other decorations for your boy baby shower.

Looking for a cupcake decoration? Just print this on a cardboard-like paper, attach it on a toothpick and they’re ready to decorate your cupcakes. If you choose to print these on sticker papers, then they can be used as your favor box design.

As usual, those are just some ideas, and you can definitely go beyond these since you know your decoration needs better. But if you think this will help on your decorations, this is where you can find our baby shower decoration ideas for a boy, small printable collection


Decorating your walls and ceiling has never been easier, with the help of these big printables. We have provided circle shaped and square ones and since these are bigger than the previous printables, we recommend that you include them on decoration aspects wherein size matters, which is why we think they will be great additions as your wall decoration. For your ceiling, you can also choose to decorate it with these big printables, although we think stringing together the big and small printables will provide variety and is the better way to go.

This is where you can find our baby shower decoration ideas for a boy, big printable collection






More Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


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Mom Silhouette Boy Cupcake Toppers


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Gleam'N'Burst Centerpiece




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