Great baby shower decorating and centerpiece ideas that will help you throw that AMAZING theme-based shower!

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Luau Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

The room where the shower will be held should definitely be bursting with colors, even before your guests come in wearing their colorful shirts.

Make sure that you have room hangings in the shape of pineapples, coconut trees, and colorful birds all over the place. They should either be in your wall or hanging from your ceiling.

The baby banner should come with lots of colors, flowers, trees and birds, just to name a few.

For your centerpiece, just get some of those tall plastic glasses, cover them with some paper that will make it appear wood like, and create your own friendly version of a tiki. Complete them by placing assorted colorful flowers inside the glass.

This flowery diaper cake will fit perfectly as your Luau table centerpiece. And with the baby items that comes with it, it will definitely make mom-to-be grateful to receive it as a gift.

In the dining area, decorate the edges of your table with some of those straw skirt, so as to make it appear as if the table is actually wearing one.

For balloons, just ensure that they come in lively and assorted colors.

And when you finally greet your guests, make sure that you greet them with some stringed flowers (leis) so as to really contaminate everybody with the luau fever!


Monkey Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Firstly, you need to make your shower room have a jungle-like feel, to make sure your baby monkeys are properly at home. So this means pictures or cut outs of trees, vines, and fruits hanging from trees (make sure some of these are banana trees and fruits) are all over your party room. A picture or cut outs of baby monkeys in all shapes, sizes and postures should be on some of those trees, wherein one of these can be a mommy and baby monkey combination. If you can get your hands on some monkey stuff toys, they’ll be great additions to your trees. And be sure to add some friendly-looking lion and zebra stuff toys in the picture, since they will add to the jungle ambiance.

Clotheslines and baby showers are perfect together, and to make them a perfect addition to any monkey baby shower, make sure you decorate them with green paper to look like vines, hang some baby socks and monkey stuff toys on it, and voila, you have a very theme-based baby shower decoration right there. We also think that monkey cutouts that appear to be hanging from your ceiling are also cool, so we’re pitching them in.

Nature posters and pictures are also very fitting to decorate your walls. Movies that feature friendly and cute-looking jungle animals are also very welcome, so if you have movie posters of Madagascar, Lion King, Tarzan, etc, you might want to bring them out. We also think pictures of babies wearing jungle animal costumes are quite wonderful, so be sure to get some. And lastly, a picture of mommy hugging a monkey stuff toy or wearing a dress with a monkey-related design is amazing, so be sure to consider it.

For your table decoration, we think that a pretty jar full of banana-shaped candies are quite easy to prepare and is very theme-based. We also adore the idea of a used wine bottle working as your vase, with a monkey stuff toy attached to each bottle. And the great thing about this idea? That stuff toy will also make a wonderful gift to one of your lucky guest. If you prefer another centerpiece idea altogether, how about a coconut shell with small pieces of banana leaves and a yellow candle floating in water? Again, it’s quite easy to prepare and is very pretty, so it’s worth considering.

Depending on how big your event is, you might want to place some guest table number/name to let your guests know where they should go. You can make use of monkey cutouts to indicate the table number, which should be a big help in pointing your guests to the right table, and will also help a lot on your shower decorations.

And to wrap up your decoration, you can just bring out balloons in yellow, brown, and green, since those are the right hues for your monkey party.


Moon and Stars Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

This shower theme reminds us of lullabies, relaxation and sleep. Hence, the party area should contain sleepy colors, as we call it, namely pastel colors – light blue, light pink, and the like.

Glow in the dark shapes, especially in stars and moon shapes, should be included as part of the decoration. You could attach them to the wall, or drill some holes in them, and hang in your ceiling.

You could also cut out some star and moon shapes using cardboards, and wrap them in silver or gold foils, whatever you have. These will serve as additional hangings in your party area.

The baby banner, which should definitely come in pastel colors, should also have clouds, stars, and a moon painted into it, to stress the theme of the shower you're throwing.

For your centerpiece, you could use a medium sized jar, and fill them with paper cut outs in shapes of moons and stars. Then, “plant” some star-shaped balloons in it (those which comes with hard plastic attached to its tail). That should make you a nice centerpiece!

This comes in yellow, which makes it quite fitting as your moon and stars shower centerpiece. It also comes with useful baby items, making it a great gift for mother-to-be.

If you are using a tablecloth in the dining area, stick some of the glow in the dark or the cardboards coated with foil on the side of your table (yes, right in the flowing side of your tablecloth). Using a dark blue tablecloth (similar to night sky) will do a lot in stressing your moon and stars theme!

For balloons, you could get some ordinary balloons and draw some stars and moons in it, using a colored-glue that comes with glitters. Or you could make your life easier, and just order balloons shaped like stars and moons, which will also do the trick.

Lastly, lighting some scented candles will definitely help in ensuring a relaxed atmosphere within the party area. Now, isn't that nice or what!


Neutral Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

You can find our neutral or unknown gender baby shower decorations and printables here.


Noah's Ark Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

You can find our Noah's Ark baby shower decorations and tips here.


Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Pastel colors should definitely stand out in the room where the celebration will be held.

You could start with the room hangings, wherein nursery rhyme characters are stringed along (eg. The cow, the moon, and the dog in one string, a little girl and a lamb in another, etc). In your walls, you could place some pictures drawn by kids, as if you are in a school room surrounded by all the projects and outcome of some kiddie activities. This just seems appropriate since we learned many of these nursery rhymes inside a similar school room.

The baby banner should come in pastel colors, wherein the appearance of your favorite nursery rhyme character is definitely a MUST!

For your centerpiece, you could place a basket full of stuffed toys representing some characters of popular nursery rhymes (eg. Cow, dog, pig, etc). Or if you don’t have any stuffed toys, just get a big bowl, fill it with candies, and stick out some of the nursery rhyme character pictures (pasted in a cardboard) in them. You could just "plant" your nursery rhyme characters in your mound of candies, as if each of them is traveling on your mountain of sweets.

This diaper cake is the very thing for your table. With the baby items that comes with it, this also makes a great gift for mother-to-be!

In the dining area, you could again use pastel colors. You could also scatter pictures or cardboard cuttings of different nursery rhyme characters around the table.

For balloons, you could order white and pastel colored balloons. If you're up to it, draw some cow spots in the white balloons using a black marker. That should definitely bring your Nursery Rhyme shower to the next level!


Oriental Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

The color that should stand out in the party area should be red, gold, and dark blue. If you have curtains, tablecloths, and other articles that give the least hint of asian or the orient in it, now is the time to bring them out.

Your room hangings should definitely include Chinese take out boxes, more fortune cookies, and chopsticks, just to name a few.

If you have posters or any wall hangings that show a Chinese character, an Asian theme, and the like, they will definitely do a lot for the ambiance you’re aiming for!

The baby banner should have drawings of dragons in it. Dragons are considered lucky in Chinese culture, and you definitely want your baby shower to have a good start!

For your centerpiece, place any Chinese vase or figurines that will look great on your table. Flowers on your Chinese vase will definitely bring more color to your party.

Though we didn't find a diaper cake for this theme, we did find this really pretty Japanese Lantern Centerpiece that will grace any table beautifully.

For balloons, a dragon-shaped balloon is definitely a MUST. Aside from it being oriental in nature, dragons represent luck, and who wouldn’t want to be lucky?


Owl Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Find our owl baby shower decorations and tips on this page.


Pirate Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Some black and hot pink will just be the right color for a pirate baby shower. A bit of gold and silver here and there will not be amiss.

Be sure to drag your treasure chest and place it somewhere in the room. You should also add some dolls and stuff toys wearing bandanna and eye patch in the picture. Bring out some wall decors that shows a ship, the sea, or some hidden treasures since they will be wonderful additions to your pirate baby shower decoration. But before you conclude your decorations, paint a friendly-looking skeleton on a black cloth/flag and hang it somewhere since what's a pirate party without a pirate flag, right?

For your centerpiece, a chest full of chocolate gold coins and other candies will give your table a very piratey feel. You can also prepare an aquarium-like bowl with sand and water, and submerge some glittery items in the sand. Some shells and small stones here and there will make this cute centerpiece way cuter.

If you want a more personalize centerpiece, then a photo of mommy-to-be in her pirate getup will also be great. Better yet, ask the soon-to-be daddy to pose with her on a similar getup and your centerpiece just became hotter.

Though it doesn't exactly come with skulls and patches, we think this diaper cake will blend nicely with your other decorations and will make a pretty centerpiece.


Order some black and hot pink balloons for your shower decorations and you're all set for your very own pirate baby shower!





Pooh Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

You can find our Pooh baby shower decorations and tips here.


Precious Moment Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Soft colours are the order of the day, and should be all over your shower room.

Baby pictures, coloured and black & white photos, should be hanging from the ceiling.

Posters of old movies, past events, and the like (happy ones of course) are good candidates for your wall hangings. More pictures of mom-to-be and friends enjoying a special moment, are definitely great additions!

The baby banner should appear something like an open photo album or a photo frame. Either idea will work well with your other decorations.

Your centerpiece should be a cake full of pictures of mom-to-be's precious moments. The cake here is not edible, since it will be made of styrofoam or cardboards, coated by the pictures we were talking about. Just use pictures printed in flexible papers, so as to make the cake shaping easier.

Cute! That's the very word to describe this diaper bouquet. And guess what?! This is not just for looking pretty, which is a MUST for anything you make as your table centerpiece. It also comes with lot of useful baby items, that makes it a grand gift for mother-to-be.

Decorate your table by surrounding the edge with a string, and hanging more pictures in clothesline fashion. Just make sure that you could bear having these photos crumpled a bit or a wee bit wet, since it's too close to those food and drinks you will be serving your guests.

If you have plates you would typically use in formal affairs, now's the time to bring them out, and use them to serve your delightful dishes. That should do a lot for the ambiance you're aiming for.

And lastly, precious moment balloons are available on different party supply stores, and should serve as a great finishing touch to your precious moment baby shower.


Prince Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

The color of the room where the celebration will be held should be in white, blue, red and gold.

You could start decorating your ceiling with cutouts shaped like an armor, sword, crown, and a rocking horse, just to name a few. You could also extend these to your walls, but if you have posters about battle and movie posters of A Knight's Tale, First Knight, etc, they are also splendid. Having real sword decors, especially antique ones, will be absolutely amazing.

The baby banner should be in blue or have shades of blue, with a baby riding his horse (rocking horse), wearing nothing but a diaper and a crown. Adding a shield and a sword will also do a lot to the prince-like atmosphere you are aiming for.

For your centerpiece, if you have horse figurines (tall ones, especially), they are absolutely needed on your table! If that didn't attract you a bit, then how about buying/making a cake, shaped like a sword. We don't know about you, but we think either idea will work perfectly for your baby shower.

Like all diaper cakes, this comes with a lot of baby items that will endear the giver to mom-to-be, plus it is the very thing you want for your shower centerpiece.

Your could decorate your table like a horse - the table will serves as the body, and it's just a matter of attaching the neck on one side, and a tail on the other side, and there you go, a horse table!

Balloons, of course, will come in blue and white. Well, that should do the trick, so you could sit back, relax, since you did a great job on your prince baby shower decoration!


Princess Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

The color of the room where the celebration will be held should be in white, pink, red and gold.

You could start with the room hangings, wherein shoes made from cardboard and covered with gold or silver foil should be in abundance. Gold crowns, silver crowns, pink castles, pink and red hearts, should definitely be part of the room hangings.

The baby banner is in pink, with drawings of castles, crowns, or a carriage (something similar to Cinderella’s), may appear in the side of the said banner.

For your centerpiece, you could use a vase “dressed up” in a lacy-like dress, either from your doll or a borrowed baby dress. Place some red and pink flowers, or if you want something that will not wilt on you, buy some heart-shaped balloons, of course, still in red and pink.

Pretty and pink. That's what this diaper bouquet is all about. And it's not just there to be pretty. With the baby items that comes with it, plus the fact that it doubles up as a table centerpiece, this is really a MUST-have for anybody throwing a baby shower!

In the dining area, you could use either red or white tablecloth, and if you have glassware and utensils made of gold or have a speck of gold, now’s a good time to put them in good use. You could also place some of the unused room hangings, and stick them on the side of your table.

For balloons, pink balloons are definitely the order of the day. Talk about a remarkable final touch to your Baby Princess Shower!


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