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Couple Baby Shower Decorating Ideas


Photos of the couple should surround the room - posted on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, etc. Adding a clothesline containing baby items that always come in pair (baby socks, mittens, shoes, etc) in the picture will be very fitting as well.

The couple's pictures can still be your table centerpiece, but if you like the idea but wants to put a different twist on it, then go for a caricature or a painting of the couple instead.

We think that a photo, stuff toy, or figurine of an animal couple is really cute and is worth considering as your table decoration. We'll leave you to choose which animal to pick, but doves, rabbits, and chicks are some of the more popular choices.

Items that are perfect together (salt and pepper shaker, baby booties, etc) can be one approach to your centerpiece as well. Another approach is to place a couple of something together, it can be two cupcakes or two rubber duckies floating in an aquarium-like bowl. Either one will work well since they're cute, babyish, and very couple-friendly.

Wrap up your decoration by getting balloons which come in the couple's favorite colors and you're all set!



Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Silhouette Couples Shower Supplies


Silhouette Couples Candy Bouquet


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FREE Couple Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


More and more couples are opting to be both present on their lil one's baby shower, so if your friend and her hubby has the same idea, throw them a couple baby shower.

And if she happens to be having a little boy and you are in need of some cool baby shower decorating ideas, this boy baby shower decorating ideas might just be what you want.


Is she having a girl? If your favorite couple has opted to be both present on their lil one's baby shower, then a couple baby shower is perfect for them, which means this girl baby shower decorating ideas is perfect as well.


There's something about scallop banners which make them extra pretty, so if you are of the same mind, and you happen to be throwing your friend a couple themed shower, then check out our baby shower decorating ideas here.


Baby banner? Check. For baby girl? Check. Scallop banner? Check.

If those are the things that you are looking for your couple baby shower decorations, then make sure you check the rest of our tips for baby shower girl decorations for couple showers.


If you think you need more ideas, this is where you can get more couple baby shower ideas.






More Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Silhouette Couples Cupcake Wrappers


Silhouette Couples Candy Boxes


Silhouette Couples Cupcake Toppers


Gleam'N'Burst Centerpiece


Sweet Pea Mylar Balloon


Splish Splash Centerpiece



How to use our printable baby shower decorations:

Our different baby shower decorating ideas and printables come in PDF format, so you need to have your PDF reader handy to make sure you can make use of these printable freebies.

All these are designed to be nice additions to whatever couple themed preparations you already have, although if they will play a big role on your decorations, that is also fine.

Now you may be wondering, what can you get by getting our printable couple themed decorations. Firstly, you will get a baby shower banner that you can use for your shower. We will leave to you the method on to how you plan to hang it, but we did make sure our banner is quite versatile, which should make it possible for you to hang it directly on your wall or just string everything along, if that’s more to your taste.

Aside from your shower banner, you can also find some small and big printables, which comes in either circle or square shapes, all with some couple twist. The smaller printables will make a great accent to your favor box, if you decided to make your own using plain templates. Will also make you a nice cupcake topper if you are planning to have cupcakes for your shower.

The bigger printables, on the other hand, will really come in handy when your decoration areas are beyond the eye level. Of course they, if mixed with the smaller printables, will also provide variety on your decorations, which of course is a nice touch on any shower decoration.

Those are just some our tips and ideas on how to make use of these, we bet you can come up with your own ideas, and since made these extra flexible, these should help you even on your other decoration needs.





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