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Baby Shower Decorating Ideas For A Girl


If the mom to be is having a baby girl, and you plan to throw her a baby shower, then you are on the right page if you are looking for tons of baby shower decorating ideas for a girl. Now if after browsing below you decide that this is not what you have in mind, we say check out our other baby shower decoration ideas for girls.

You can choose to get one of those party packs to do your baby shower decorations. The great things about those is that you can get all similarly designed elements and decorations that will take care of the look and feel of your shower. But for those who plan to do it themselves, or are looking for something to add to what they already have right now, you can check out the rest of our baby shower decorating ideas for a girl, which includes printable baby shower decorations designed for girl showers. Said printables are free, which should help baby shower throwers like you have the right decoration accents without going over the top on the cost.


This baby banner was designed to fit in with your other baby shower decorating idea for a girl. Although similarly designed as that of the previous one, this one says It’s a Girl instead of Baby Shower, so if you prefer this wording instead of the other, then this is the right banner for you.

Just do a right click on this link to get this free banner. As with our other decoration printables, these are in PDF format, so you need to have your PDF reader handy.

So how to use our baby shower decorating ideas for a girl:

Download our printables by following the above instructions. Once you have a local copy, print it on a material wherein you want your banner to appear on. The next step is to do some cutting, so time to bring out your scissors and other cutting materials.

Once you have your individual banner pieces (which spells Its a Girl), it’s time to decide how you want to showcase your banner. You have the option to just post them on the wall, so it’s just a matter of sticking them the right way so they’ll stay put during the party.

Another approach is to hang them ala clothesline, so you definitely need something that will pass as clothesline and lots of clothespins, at least the number should be enough for your banner pieces.

But if those ideas didn’t work for you, you can always cut two holes on each banner piece, and string everything together. Your banner is ready to be hanged.





Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


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This is where you can find our small printables. We recommend that you use these on areas which requires something smaller, or as an additional accent or to provide variety on cases that requires bigger size.

We do have some tips on how to use these and we are sharing them below. As always, we say don’t be stuck with these ideas alone, since that is the main reason why we made these printables quite flexible, because we know for a fact that there might be a decoration need that we did not consider, and we want to cover those as well.

For starters, if you are planning to have cupcakes for your shower, we say consider the option of making your own cupcake topper. These small printables, when printed on a cardboard-like material and attached on a toothpick, will make you a nice cupcake decoration.

Doing your own favor boxes? You can easily do this since we found lots of free templates around the net that you can us for this very purpose. And just in case you want to add an accent or so, just print these on a sticker paper and they’re ready to decorate your favor box.

If you love these ideas, this is where you can get our baby shower decorating ideas for a girl, small printable collection



Our bigger printables are perfect for areas wherein size matters, bigger size that is. Looking for something to add to your walls as decoration? These might just be what you want. Want to decorate your ceiling? We think stringing these printables, together with the small ones, will give you a better looking ceiling decoration, so that’s what we’re pitching.

Get our baby shower decorating ideas for a girl, big printable collection.







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