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Livia S - Schenectady, New York

Baby w/ Lil Bunny



Baby Shower Cake Instructions:

I made this cake for my sister in law who loves strawberry cake and blue color.

Bake strawberry cake froze and carve with a knife in shape of pillows cover with a fin layer of icing and marshmallow fondant. Put dowels in the first pillow cake and stack the second on top. The topper baby with bunny on the moon was hand made from gum paste. Little stars cut with a cookie cutter and glue to the cake.



Kristine F - Hamburg, New York

Baby Sports



Baby Shower Cake Instructions:

I made this cake to go along with a Baby Bear Sports theme. I used fondant to make a onesie, and painted small fondant circles with silver luster dustfor the snaps. I also cropped a picture of the nightlight on the registry and added the words "I Love Mommy" to print an edible image to add to the onesie. I made baby sneakers using a template and I rolled the fondant out under a tea towel to add texture. The baby bottle is made of white chocolate, and is a life size 4oz bottle. The cake was really fun to make, and I think it fit the theme well.


Jennifer M - Tyler, Texas

Bears and Blocks



Baby Shower Cake Instructions:

We had little baby booties we made, we had bear and block decor. The cake was all edible. It had formed blocks, and bears on it.


Susie S - Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Baby's Nursery Room



Baby Shower Cake Instructions:

I baked a cake in a 12x15 in pan. Cut the cake in half and stack the two pieces on top of each other. Your cake should now be 6 inches wide and 15 inches long. Cut 5 inches off the end. The small piece can be used for the dresser. Cover the large piece in buttercream and then fondant. Roll out a long strip of fondant and wrap it around the bottom of the cake for the dust ruffle. You can adhere it to the mattress by using a paint brush and a little bit of water. Slightly gather it at the top to make it wavy.

For the comforter, roll out a large piece of fondant. You can use an impression matt to create a pattern. Place on the bed. I rolled out a small piece of white fondant and attached it to the top of the comforter to look like sheets that were folded over. The headboard needs to be made a few days in advance so it has time to dry. Roll out your fondant and cut to the desired shape. I used a flower cutter for the cut outs.

For the edge of the headboard, I rolled a thin snake with a ball on top and attached it with water. Since I live in Hawaii, I made a little flower lei and hung it around one of the posts. When the headboard is dry, attach it to the bed with some royal icing. You can use any leftover fondant to model various baby toys and accessories.




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