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Baby Shower Game Cards (Girls, Card 2)



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Are you planning a nursery rhyme shower? We may have the perfect game for you. The game on this page is a bingo game, but it is not your everyday ordinary bingo, since instead of numbers that one usually find on bingo game cards, or even words related to babies, baby showers, pregnancies that usually appear on typical baby shower bingo, this one features words related to different nursery rhymes and songs, Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Incy Wincy Spider,  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and I Had a Little Nut Tree to be specific. So although our game cards doesn’t have B I N G O columns per se, instead, each column is associated to one of the above titles, so words found on a specific column are the words that is related to a specific nursery rhyme or song. And don’t worry, although we know for a fact that these nursery rhymes can have the same words (example here is the word Little on Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle), we made sure that the word “little” is only associated to Twinkle, twinkle, and will not appear under the columns representing the other rhymes. This means that once you found a particular word as the host calls it out, that’s basically it, since said word won’t appear twice on the same card.

Now if the idea of a nursery rhyme baby download game shower tickled your fancy, but you think your guests are not suited to a bingo game, we also have another baby download game shower with the right nursery rhyme twist, but it’s a game of guessing the title of the nursery rhyme based on the provided phrase or sentence, so no host calling out the words, no scouring the cards just to see if the word called out by the host is indeed in the card, in short, no rush to call out Bingo! If that made you excited, you can get said nursery rhyme non-bingo game here.

But before you decide that this is the perfect baby download game shower ever, we suggest you check out our baby shower game main page, for our tons of different baby shower games, from general baby shower bingo, to some bingo with a twist or two, and scramble and matching games, just to name a few.  If you changed your mind and is interested to add games that are more physical and active than the one found on this page, then check out the Traditional Baby Shower Game section of said page, for our different active baby shower game ideas.

How to get our different baby download game shower cards:

On this page, you can find two types of bingo cards, the first one for boy baby showers, while the other one is for girl baby showers. Both are saved as images, so right click on the image you want, choose Save File As or Save Image As, depending on your browser, and save it to your preferred image location.

Since we’re pretty sure you will need more than one card, just go to our baby download game shower main page, and from there, follow the links provided that will lead you to other pages that contains our other bingo game cards.







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