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Baby Decoration Shower Printables

These baby shower decoration are designed for gender-neutral baby showers, although this is also a good choice if she loves anything with greens and browns. You can find more such decorations here.

To give you more options, you can also check out our girl themed decorations and printable decorations for boys before you settle on what to use to set your baby shower atmosphere.


Because some parents prefer to be surprised on the gender of their newborn, the task of planning a baby shower for them can get somewhat tricky. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can organize an impressive baby shower party while keeping things gender-neutral.

One of the best ways is to design your baby shower party theme around colors. Since you know your friends (the parents to-be) well, you know which gender-neutral colors best satisfies. Tip #1: Choose from shades of greens and yellows, whites, browns, beiges, and off-whites. Tip #2: Use pastel shades of gender-neutral colors to choreograph the baby theme.

Another great way is to design around gender-neutral themes like building blocks, plush toys such as a teddy bear, the zodiac sign based on the baby's due date, and so on.

On this page, we present you our best baby decoration shower printables that satisfies a gender-neutral party theme.

Each set of baby decoration printables is built around a Baby Banner to anchor the theme of your party. Additional printables in the set include party buntings to hang from your walls and ceiling, and other design elements that you can add to the design of your gift bags or favor box, or even use to personalize your drinks and/or table settings.

Do browse more of our pages to find an extended selection of baby decorations for your shower party needs. With our hundreds of baby shower decor, you're sure to find a set that will suit your event.

Of course, if you find that our designs don't exactly fit your theme idea, feel free to mix and match the elements that you find in our site to compose your personalized party theme.


This baby decoration shower banner is designed with greens and browns, which makes it a great decor for baby showers where the gender of the baby remains a mystery.

Best of all, it's free, so you're just a quick download and print away from decorating your party venue!

How to Use:

Right click on this link and choose to download the baby decoration shower banner. Remember where you save the document, because you'll need to open it later.

The banner is prepared in PDF format, so you will need the proper software to view and print the document, like Adobe Reader. Open the document and choose to print it.

Cut out the pieces of your baby decoration shower banner. You might want to put the pieces together before you hang it at your party venue. We recommend that you hang the pieces of the banner side-by-side on a line, similar to how you would hang clothes to dry. The idea of a clothesline and baby shower do go well together.

Another way is to paste each piece of the banner on to a larger piece of colored cardboard or cloth. This gives the appearance of a frame for each banner piece.

And as always, feel free to experiment! It's your party so you know what will work best for your event!


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Ready To Use Baby Decoration Shower


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The image to the left is a preview of the actual button / device that you can download and print. Remember that it comes in PDF format so you'll need a PDF reader software such as the standard Adobe Reader, which you can get for free.

The printable images were designed to have many uses. The simplest is to hang them from your ceilings as Party Buntings to accentuate your event.

Along with the other printables with this page, you'll have a variety of party hangers that it's up to you to decide which printable goes where, and you'll never run out of ways to mix and match them.

Aside from ceiling decorations, you can print smaller versions of the circular device and attach them to your stirrers, or to your drinks (i.e., instead of a miniature umbrella), or as a 'flag' planted on top of any pastries you might be serving (e.g., cupcakes, brownies, etc.). Finally, if you print these images on
waterproof paper stock, you can use them to decorate your drink coasters, or even use the printed paper stock itself as a coaster.

You can also create your own favor box if you feel up to a little bit of Do-It-Yourself paper crafting. It's easy to find templates of favor boxes out there, so just remember that Google is your friend and said templates are just a few search away.

Once you've found a favor box template that appeals to you, go ahead and create the favor box using your paper stock of choice. Then you can adorn the sides of your favor box with our printables -- a perfect thematic approach to your party decorations!

Be sure to download your copy of the Baby Decoration Shower Printables. This image is our "small printable collection".


These items make up our "big printable collection". The larger image is ideal for larger-sized decorations like banners and such.

Our intention is for you to be able to choose and print the images to best fit your needs. Smaller images are great for stickers, stationery pads and such. Meanwhile, the bigger images are the way to go if you plan to print oversized banners and ceiling hangers.

Our best suggestion is for you to mix and match an assortment of big and small decor. At the same time, be careful that you don't over decorate for its easy to overdo your efforts and end up with a cluttered venue. Keep your space well lit and wide, empty spaces adorned and you've got it made.

Be sure to download our free baby decoration shower. This is our "big printable collection"






More Ready To Use Baby Decoration Shower


Big Baby Shaped Balloon


Baby Blocks Centerpiece





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