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Adopting a child is usually more complicated than it seems and often involves a lot of waiting and delays. Because of this, throwing a baby shower for the soon to be parents can be complicated as well, especially if you want the shower to coincide with the date when the parents are to receive their new child.

To avoid these complications, many baby shower throwers prefer to just throw a shower a month or so after the new parents have their adopted child. This should let you avoid incidents wherein a shower is scheduled way ahead of the date the new parents are to receive their new baby. And also, throwing a shower afterwards will give the new parents sufficient time to enjoy their new child and all the experience that comes with being parents, which is another reason why more and more shower throwers think a wee bit late shower is a lot better.



A stork with a baby cutout is one of the more obvious invitations for adoption showers. But if you're opting for a different twist on that idea, you can use a parachute instead of a stork. That will also work well.

Another idea is to gift wrap a feeding bottle, leaving the "head" bare. Write your invitation details in a piece of paper, roll it up and place it inside the bottle. Complete your invitation with a big bow on your gift-wrapped baby bottle.

You can also approach your baby shower invitation by putting the adopted child's heritage into play. If the adoptee is Chinese, then you can use Chinese characters in your invitation. Just make sure you include the English equivalent if you want your guests to understand your instructions. Including popular elements of said culture - popular food, symbols, traditions, etc, will make your shower invitation more about the new baby which is appropriate for any adoption shower.

To make your baby adoption shower more about the new child, be sure to include his or her age, name and adoption date in your invitation details.


Free Baby Shower Invitation

Our MUST-SEE and FREE Printables for this theme, from invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, are all available here. Want to make your own cards? These free baby shower cliparts are the very thing you need!

Sample Baby Adoption Showers Invitation


We just added a new set of baby adoption showers invitation which basically features our site's new babies! A new take to an oldie but goodie idea, so be sure to check it out.


Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Baby Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our baby shower menu for this theme.


Baby Shower Game Ideas


Printable Games for Adoption Shower







Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!




More Adoption Baby Shower Game Ideas


Since this is an adoption shower, activities related to being pregnant, anything about conception, labor, birth, etc should not be included.

Any activity that involves the new child is very welcome. This can be anything that involves the baby's heritage, games wherein interaction with the child is necessary, and the like.


Stork Game (Individual Activity)

This is a rendition of the popular game Pin The Tail On The Donkey, adoption baby shower style.

The idea of this game version is to be able to pin the baby to the stork. Similar to the original game, the person who was able to pin the baby nearest to the stork, wins the game.

Gift Hunt (Group Activity)

A baby is a blessing and a gift, adopted or otherwise, so we think having a gift-related game is just fitting.

There should be a number of gift-wrapped items hidden in the game area. Some of these boxes should contain baby-related items or a picture of the said item. However, there will be boxes that are empty and are just there as red herrings.

The group who is able to find the most number of gift boxes with baby items will be deemed the winner of this game and will bring home some goodies.

Who's who? (Individual/Group Activity)

We found this site and it contains a list of celebrities that is either an adoptee or an adoptive parent. This information will be quite useful for this game.

The idea here is for your guests to guess who among the celebrities is an adoptive parent or an adoptee. We will leave it to you whether to make this a pencil and paper game or make it a more active one, by turning it into something like a game show.

The person or group who have their celebrity facts straight will have an edge over those who don't. Be sure to prepare some gift for the winning individual/group.

Baby's Roots (Group Activity)

The idea here is to do something related to baby's heritage. If your friend's new child is Chinese, then you can introduce your guests to the art of Chinese calligraphy. If s/he is of Japanese descent, then learning how to make sushi should be an interesting and useful experience for your guests. The art of Japanese paper folding (origami) is also another activity worth considering.

Learning how to make a popular dish from the baby's hometown will be another activity option. If you're opting for this, then be sure to consider this dish when you prepare your shower menu.

In short, anything - game, dance, food, art, etc related to baby's roots can be included on your adoption shower activities. Although there will be no winners and prizes, learning a new craft, the experience of doing something different, and of course the good times with the other guests, will be your guests' main takeaway!

Want more baby shower games? More games available on this



Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Food - let your guests experience some great delicacies from baby's hometown.

Music/Movie - an MP3 or movie of a celebrity adoptee or adoptive parent will be an appropriate gift for your adoption baby shower guests.

About to Hatch Favors - this product line comes with salt and pepper shaker, egg whisk, and kitchen timer, all in their special egg-chick design. We think they're appropriate favors for adoption showers.

Special Mug - what makes this mug special is that it comes with a photo of the new parents and their baby. What makes it great is that it's not just pretty to look at, it's useful too!



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