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Adult Baby Shower Games For Boy Showers (Card 11)

Be sure to check out the instructions of our adult baby shower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips. If you love this game idea, get the rest of our bingo cards here. Now if you are open to more game options, go to our baby shower games main page to see our other available free games.

If you think the game on this page are well and good, but you are looking for something more "ready made", you might want to check out BabyShowerGamesAtoZ and have tons of printable baby shower games right there at your fingertips.






Adult Baby Shower Game For Girl Showers (Card 11)



Printable Baby Shower Games





Anyone looking for a good baby shower game for jungle, safari or animal themed showers? If you answered yes to this, then the game found on this page might just have been designed with you in mind, since this features names of mommies and babies, of the animal variety of course.

As can be seen, this is a bingo game, and like other bingo games, there will be a set of numbers or words that will be called out by the host, and on this case, it is the names of animal moms and babies. As the host call out words, each player must check their card for a match, and mark them if they did find one.

Unlike traditional bingo game cards, our cards do not come with  B I N G O columns, which is why names of animals are not tied up to specific columns only. It is really possible that one animal name that appear on column two on one card, will appear on the last column on another card.

So if this interested you, and you would like to get more bingo cards, this is where you get our adult baby shower games card.

If you are looking for more printable adult baby shower games options, then you must out check out our baby shower games main page.  While you are there, we would just like to highlight that we have two types of game found on said page, one that requires some actual physical activity and these are found under traditional baby shower games, which is the last section of the page. Our printable adult baby shower games are found at the top of the page, which we think you can easily find. And of course our theme-based baby shower games are found with our different theme-based ideas, so if we have an entry for the theme you’re planning for her shower, make sure you check them out.

How to get and use our adult baby shower games:

We have printable game cards whether mom to be is having a boy or girl, and just in case it’s not obvious, the first image found on every page is for boys, while the 2nd one is for girls.

To get our printable games, just go to the image you want, do a right click, and download it when prompted by choosing Save File or Image As. You will be prompted to save it to a specific location, so just type in the location you want these images to be saved.

Once you have a local copy, you can choose to print them one image at a time using your favorite image editor. Another approach is to insert it to your ever reliable Microsoft Word, and after manipulating the indents and such, you can actually insert up to two images per page without making any changes on the image height or width. And from there, it is quite easy for you to print said cards.

That should make adding this adult baby shower games on your event as easy as 1-2-3, or quite near it.




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