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Be sure to check out the instructions of our adoption celebration ideas for your invitation for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

An adoption is a time of shared blessings. Certainly, it's an occasion of good cheer that deserves a celebration. And celebrating an adoption is never easier with our collection of free adoption celebration ideas! And just in case you haven't checked it out yet, our ideas and tips are found at our adoption baby shower ideas page, while here on this page is one of our adoption invitations for boys.

We've prepared a complete set of printables for your baby shower party invitation needs. We hope this goes a long way to giving your baby shower party for adoption celebration ideas that are well received by your guests. As mentioned and seen below, this one in particular is designed for boys, so if you are adopting a girl, this is where you can find our girl adoption celebration ideas for invitations.

If you think this invitation will work for your event, you can use the invitations we've prepared by printing onto your choice of cardboard stock. You can also do a little bit of photo editing to create electronic invitations that you can send out by email. Read on below to see our suggestions on how you can easily do both.


Adoption Celebration Ideas For Your Invitations

Adoption celebration ideas for boys


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Printable adoption celebration invitations designed for boys




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Free adoption baby shower invitation templates for boys



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Here's how you can use the printables on this page:

Save this adoption celebration ideas for invitations onto your harddrive by clicking on the images above. Then choose to "save as" and then indicate a destination folder in your harddrive.

Using Microsoft Word (or similar word processor software), create a new blank document. Next, choose to "insert" an image "from file" and then select the image you just saved. If you forgot where you saved it, you can easily find out where by going back to your internet browser and pressing <CTRL-J> to call up the recent downloads box. You should see the image listed here.

To personalize the invitation prior to printing, you can use the Textbox function within Microsoft Word. To do this, you choose "insert" and then "textbox". Remember that you can further customize textboxes by modifying their "properties" such as internal margin, background color, border / outline color, etc. Do experiment with your choice of fonts when you fill in the blanks for date, time, address, etc. For this particular invitation, we adore the "Curlz MT font" which you can find online.

When you're ready to print, remember to choose the type of paper that you plan to use. You can do this within your printer properties. Choose the correct paper size, paper type (glossy photo, etc), and then the print quality that you want to use.

Some additional Tips for Printing:

Before you actually use your precious card stock or photo paper, we do suggest that you print a mockup on ordinary typing paper first. This way, you get to see if the colors come out right, and if your choice of font sizes in your textbox is satisfactory.

When you've printed out the invitations, you might find the colors different on paper than on your computer screen. This is more common than you think. For one thing, the computer regulates screen colors and the printer software does its own thing, so they don't really work in concert.

For the most part, this isn't a big problem like you might simply end up with printouts that are a bit more 'reddish' in hue. But if you are particular, you can play around with your printer software's "color correction" settings until you find the right modes to produce the color printouts that you want.

That should give you tons of adoption celebration ideas for your invites.

Some bonus tips on making electronic invitations:

E-invitations are a great convenience in that your guests get their copies at the speed of a mouse-click. However, do take care to get an RSVP because it's entirely possible that your invitations falls victim to a spamguard function in your friends' mailbox.

To personalize our invitation, you need a photo editing such as Photoshop or Paint. Open the image that you saved earlier. Then use the "text" function to place the personalized details of your party.

Once again, remember that you can use a multitude of text functions to make your invitation unique. Choose font name, font size, font color, and font styles like bold, italics, etc. Lastly, if you photo editor software supports it, you can use advanced font styling such as emboss, drop shadow, etc.

Once you're happy with the results of your personalization efforts, go ahead and save your finish work as a new file. Just choose to save as one of the popular image formats like JPG. Then attach to email and send en masse!




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